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If you must know, my favourite Indian sweet is Gulab Jamun and Kaju Katli. I love sweets those sweets I would have my best friend bring me a box of Kaju Katli every time he went home for the summer or winter vacations. And today, I make my partner bring me gulab jamun just so I can have twenty minutes of basking in its glorious sweetness. It’s funny how on brand I am.

Thank you, Charvi from It’s Not Just Fiction, for tagginged me in  The Bookish Indian Sweets Tag! For this tag, I am not allowing myself to mention any of the books from my Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag, so I can highlight some older reads!


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Disclaimer: The Bookish Indian Sweets Tag header was taken from Charvi at It’s Not Just Fiction’s original post. 



HOLIGE: An Underrated Book You Like To Recommend

Phoenix Descending


Phoenix Descending by Dorothy Dreyer is one my most enjoyed indie books. Political warfare and a Phoenix plague was told very well in this book. I adored Tori a lot and thought her to be a strong female character. It’s been a year now since I’ve read this book, so I definitely think a re-read is in order!

Cover Design by Deranged Doctor Design


JALEBI: A Book That Surpasses Your Expectations

Not Even Bones

I went into the book with low expectations. I was on a binge of dark fantasy at the time, so by the time I got to Not Even Bones I felt that I read almost every bookish plot. Also, I had grown tired of books and shows which used gore and violence for no reason other than to be “edgy.” But this book took me by surprise! The blend of science and monsters was so fascinating, I could not put it down!

Cover Art by Will Staehle


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RASGULLA: Your Bookish OTP


Maia and Edan from Spin the Dawn were THE cutest! Whether as a couple or as friends, I found that Maia and Edan had great chemistry on the page. Their playful banter evolved into a more caring relationship as they ventured on a quest. For me, I loved the star-crossed lovers trope and also how slowly the trust had to be built between the two characters.

Cover design by Alison Impey with accompanying art by Tran Nguyen



GULAB JAMUN: A Book That Everyone Would Enjoy

Small Island by Andrea Levy

This was a hard one to answer since reading is a subjective experience. So, rather than choosing a book that everyone would enjoy, I’m choosing one that I think would benefit its readers. This book made me cry and hurt for all the atrocities that colonization has brought on us. Yet at the same time, I was fascinated by the frigid friendship that developed between Hortense, and Gilbert and his wife, Queenie. This book was an eye-opener for and so I would recommend this many people.


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KALAKAND: A Book You Devoured In A Single Sitting

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas by Yoru Sumino, and illustrated by Izumi Kirihara is a contemporary story of a girl suffering from pancreatic disease and her shy classmate who is the only one who knows of her sickness. This story was bittersweet. It showed the budding friendship between the two characters and also made its readers face the reality of grief and death. This is a quiet and subtle kind of manga that I breezed through but was deeply touched by.


PETHA: A Rare Book You Own

Image result for the divine comedy canterbury classics


This is not a rare book, however, my partner gifted me a beautiful hardbound copy of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. This is a leatherbound classic from Canterbury Classics and had illustrations by Gustave Dore. It’s one of my most prized possessions! 

SOAN PAPDI: A Book You Wish Had A Sequel


Wilder Girls by Rory Power is one book that I’m a bit conflicted with. Firstly, I love the way Rory Power writes. Her description of the Tox was eeriely vivid, and in so many ways seemed to parallel the emotions of the girls. However, I was not satisfied with the way the book ended as there were so many questions left.  For this reason, I wish Wilder Girls would have a sequel just so my curiosity would be satisfied.

Original cover art by Aykut Aydogdu and designed by Regina Flath


KAJU KATLI: A Book You Think Is Worth The Hype

A Spark of White Fire

I have so much love for this space opera retelling of the Mahabharata. It loved reading a familiar tale set among the stars and I was very much drawn to how the author described the architecture and technology. Although the plot might seem familiar and common, the way the author played it out will leave readers shocked.

Cover illustrated by Mélanie Delon and designed by Kate Gartner


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What’s your favourite Indian sweet? Which underrated book would you recommend I read? Which book do you believe is worth the hype?

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  1. dreamingofcats says:

    what a fun tag! jalebi is my favorite ❤ funnily enough, I don't actually like gulab jamun, which means my father practically disowned me, haha! and UGH, so agreed with you on Wilder Girls, I'm hoping there will be a sequel, because otherwise wtf was that ending??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie says:

    Ahh this is such a fun tag, I loved your answers! 🙂 I’m so happy you liked the relationship in Spin The Dawn, I really can’t wait to read this book 😀


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