Camillea Reads is primarily a book blog, though the blogger does tend to segue into discussions about writing and personal life. Camillea considers this blog her safe space to explore books – the good and the bad – and to vent her thoughts. The aim of the blog is to explore diverse books in a myriad of genres and work to uplift the voices of marginalized authors. This blog accepts and celebrates all identities. The blogger works hard to inspire kindness and compassion through their content.


Cam is dressed in a floral, brown pantsuit. Her hair is up in a high ponytail and she is smiling. She is standing in front of a colourful painting of the Chinese Zodiac animals.

Hello, Cam here!

I am a small time poet with a passion for spicy food and playing survival games with my plants. This blog was set up as a space where I try to explore as many genres as I can and hold myself accountable. Besides reading, you can find me experimenting with recipes – especially vegan! I am also trying to make my Aninal Crossing island pretty and trying very hard to build my crochet skills. So far, I have not succeeded in either. In addition to books, I also adore horror movies, Pokemon, Ori and the Blind Forest and singing.

In early 2021, I started my Youtube channel under the same name of Camillea Reads to complement my blog. Blogging will always be my love but I needed something that got me away from the computer screen.

And then, after years of dreaming of it, I launched my first ever bookish podcast called Totes and Tales! TOTES AND TALES is a podcast for people who love creativity, shameless conversations and setting goals. In the podcast, we unpack difficult conversations, share a laugh and discuss what it’s like in the lives of those pursuing literary art.

The podcast logo was designed by Kat from Novels and Waffles. You can check out Kat’s shop for your own designs needs right here: novelsandwaffles.com/waffley-cute-designs/

I’m an unpublished writer. Presently, I’m working on my several Filipino inspired fantasy novels. My first novel is tentatively titled Their Wicked Devotion and features

🎑 nature spirits with cruel smiles

🎑 lightning streaks in eyes

🎑 bloodstains in the paddy fields

🎑 memories twisting painfully

🎑 vengeance sharp as their teeth

🎑 gods waiting in the dust

🎑 something awakening and it is hungry

You can find me on instagram //  goodreads // tumblr // twitter // youtube


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