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Welcome to Camille Reads!

This blog features posts on books and mental health. As a person with depression and anxiety, I try to create more awareness for mental illnesses while also spreading my love for books.


My name’s Camillea. A small time poet with a passion for reading, and spicy food. When I’m not writing, I’m working hard at my graduate studies for my MA in Sociology.

My love for books began with Enid Blyton whose stories also inspired the write in me. I have a soft spot for classic books. Thanks to Mister I’ve recently also kindled my love for fantasy books, beginning with the Wheel of Time series.

I’ve been told that I’m a bubbly and odd creature. I like exercising, caring for succulents and cacti, anime, and working on my novel.

I aspire to someday own a teacup dragon called Taboo, and Belle’s library, and to have a published novel .

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