THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END: Don’t Let The Title Fool You



“No matter when it happens, we all have our endings. No one goes on, but what we leave behind keeps us alive for someone else.”




They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera

Published on September 5 2017

Format: Ebook

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They Both Die At The End. Hmmm…no way the author would give away everything in a title right? *glances at the little devil on my shoulder* 

While the title of Adam Silvera’s book is a premonition of things to come, They Both Die At the End is a gripping story of two boys who find friendship and courage on their death day.

My initial thought about the book is that it would be something like…an emotional take on Final Destination.

Instead of watching a bunch of people running themselves towards their end, in this alternate world, people have shaped society around Death-Cast. Not around exactly, but Death-Cast is so creepy. Death Cast is like an organization which is able to know when people are going to die. So they call up said people, inform them, and also provide them with facilities to plan out their funeral. Sweet, ain’t it?

Anyway, my question is who authorized this?

Is there a law that brought Death-Cast into the world? Was there a vote on it or did it just materialize? Who is the Founder? Who predicts the death? Does it really involve aliens? What about the bathtub?

While I’m a little disappointed that that was not mentioned much in the book, I still believe the author’s choice not to include too much about Death Cast works perfectly since the storyline is an exploration of human emotions, motives, and the different takes people have on what it means to live.

They Both Die At The End is an own voices novel tying together the community of Puerto Rica, Cuba, and LGBT. As for the characters, I love Mateo to bits! He is the most adorable and selfless character. He made my heart ache in so many good ways.

And then there’s Rufus, the boy who is adventurous at heart and yet has tightly wounded up his emotions. Mateo and Rufus differ greatly from each other, so you read about how these boys begin to bond in spite of their personalities and how they try to make the best of their last hours but it’s not just chapter after chapter of them having fun because there is a looming fear of death approaching which left me feeling a little guilty whenever I smiled or laughed at their conversation.


Q: When was the last time I read a book like that?

A: Never.

So, I’m not a fan of “insta love” in novels and while I did ship Mateo and Rufus, I think the reason I did so was because I was dreading what would happen at the end of day. I wanted these characters to be happy, in fact, I wanted a miracle! As you read on, you find yourself becoming more and more immersed into the book. You find out too late that you’ve become tied in with the boys’ emotional burden of receiving Death Cast’s call; while reading their trials, you also begin to wonder about your own.

There are some chapters told from perspectives of different people which I found interesting because it’s sort of like sending a message to show that our story still matters. It shows that somehow even in the smallest way we’re written into a stranger’s life. Unwittingly, we have the power to bring cheer or sadness to someone’s life.

I don’t know if this was the author’s intention but the thought was quite beautiful.

I was really shocked by what happened in the end; I confess that while reading the last few chapters I was also crying. That embarrassing bubbling type of crying! And this was just after I finished reading The Book Thief.

Anyway, this is a beautiful and cruel book. It will have you laughing, crying, and maybe even begging some Being – whoever it is that is in charge of guarding books, I suppose – to change the ending just for you. They Both Die At The End is meant to be a slow read; the kind of book that you need to savour, maybe even to put down from time to time just to be able to think on what’s happening in YOUR life. That really shows the strength of the author!

This books stays with you even after you put it down; you will be hounded by questions of “what if” and speculating over your own fears of loss and death. I hope that this book brings you courage.

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Would you rather know your death day or not?

How would you choose to live your last day?


I’d like to thank Edelweiss Plus, and Stephanie from HarperCollins for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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