I wish I could say that book blogging has blessed me with rows and rows of beautifully designed hardbacks and cutesy swags that sparkle in the sunlight.

I wish I could say that book blogging has made me a faster reader…but we’re reaching for the moon here, you guys.

While I’m no blogging starlet (yet), my two years in the book blogging community has changed me as a reader, and no, it hasn’t made me a reading wizard.

I was inspired to do this post after reading Kristen from Metaphors and Moonlight’s post titled Five Ways I’ve Changed As A Reader Because of Blogging



I read e-books

This isn’t some kind of dramatic reveal but before blogging I was pretty much a HUGE sceptic about reading e-books. I prefered (and still do) reading physical books but since I got into blogging, my ebook collection has substantially increased. One of the reasons being that by having my Kindle Paperwhite I’ve had more opportunities to review books.

I read more fantasy books

Reading my first adult fantasy book was the stepping stone that got me involved in book blogging. One of the best things about discovering the fantasy genre recently is how much more diverse it has become. Although there are more changes needed, I love that I have been able to read more books about characters who are not your generic Western hero.

I seek out own voices authors

After discovering diverse reads, I went on a binge read where I picked up any and every book that had diverse characters. However, I recently began to realize that it’s not enough for me to pick up diverse books and consider my support done. Rather I should be doing is seeking out own voices authors first. While I can read books with Filipino or Indian characters, with depressed and/or anxious characters, I have no idea what good representation would be for, say, trans characters or disabled characters. Just because I’m Asian doesn’t mean I know the experience of a Japanese or Malaysian main character.

Writing reviews gives me clarity

This is more related to being a writer than a reader but what the heck. I’ve found that writing book reviews has helped me not only be more critical but has also helped me better analyze storytelling structures. Personally, this has helped me a lot with improving my writing style in terms of plot structures and character development.

I keep up with newer releases

This is the biggest change for me as a reader! I never knew what the latest releases used to be because, first of all, I knew I would never be able to read them. I lived in a place where we had no up to date bookstore nearby and financially, it wasn’t practical for me to spend money on newer releases. It still isn’t, but I do keep an eye out for newer releases that interest me which I almost always join on a blog tour for.

Blogging has made me more open-minded as a reader and a writer. I find that I am more willing to try different platforms like ebooks, webtoon, or audiobooks, as well as taking a chance on new to me authors. The book community has taught me how to be not only analytical but empathetic in my reading. Perhaps much more will change about me being a reader but for now, I am happy about the changes blogging has brought me.


How has blogging changed your reading habits? Is there a reading habit you would like to change?

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  1. devouringbooks2017 says:

    What a great post! Blogging and reviewing has really changed me too! Reading so much and writing reviews has really given me insight on how a plot should be formed and how it shouldn’t. I want to be an author someday, so it has been extremely helpful to read so much beforehand! I also read a TON more e-books than I used to and opened myself up to getting them through tons of different platforms like you as well.

    I have learned a lot about different cultures by reading own voices authors, which has been SO amazing. Honestly there are so many cultural things that I don’t think I would have ever learned if not through reading so many own voices novels. I may be white and in America, but don’t want to JUST read about characters like me! I want to read about characters who are like my friends, or even cultures where I don’t know anyone, but would like to understand what life is like for those people. I love all the stories that are based on myths or religions of the culture the author is from and when the book is also a fantasy I always want to read it! I love how the public has demanded own voices authors and the publishers actually recognized that need in the world! I am so grateful for that because honestly, I would have never even realized HOW MUCH it is truly needed and just how much it has made me grow as a person. Even if I don’t get to travel it is making me a more worldly person who understands the cultures and views of others. I always check reviews from own voices READERS though, because that way I know what is accurate!

    I am more likely to give indie authors a chance than ever before. I am also SUPER up to date on new releases, I know about books that are coming out in March that I am thrilled about. I never read all the newest titles before, so this is a big change for me as well.

    Wow, I guess I really went on a bit of a rant. But I just love your post and it really made me think of all the beautiful ways book blogging has changed me and how reading has made me grow as a person.


  2. Angela says:

    More new releases was a big one for me, too! I used to reread a lot, but not as much anymore. And I also think blogging has made me more open to trying to new genres.


  3. Holly says:

    I love your point about how writing a review gives you clarity!! I often feel like my relationship with a book doesn’t end until I write a review of it, like it will just keep lingering in my mind until I get all my thoughts out on my blog. This is such a great post! ❤


  4. BiteIntoBooks (@BiteIntoBooks) says:

    This blogpost is one that I could just copy and post on my blog, LOL! I agree with every point that you’ve made and the same goes for me!

    Because of reviewing I bought a Kindle Paperwhite, but I still prefer physical books.
    I read more fantasy, I get more clarity because of writing reviews. It also helps me prioritize some book series and some authors.

    I also feel that I’m much more up to date with releases and also more excited for them.



  5. Erin Tweed says:

    I used to never keep up with new releases, but with blogs and Goodreads I’m pretty on top of them now. One thing I think that has changed for me is deciding what books to read or buy before I pick them up. I used to just wander into the bookstore and library and pick up whatever seemed interesting, but now I tend to check reviews and whatnot beforehand. I do miss doing that sometimes but now I usually end up reading better books.


  6. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction says:

    I concur with almost every one of your points here—my reading has changed in all these ways too, except that I was already a big fantasy reader. For me, blogging has broadened my horizons and made me pick up contemporaries, which I really didn’t read before I blogged. Great post!


  7. Crystal @ Lost in Storyland says:

    Great post! Blogging has also opened me to more diverse reads and recent releases. Before, I would just browse the library shelves in search of a book I hadn’t read yet. I also read more on my e-reader because it’s easier to get review copies that way, though I still prefer physical copies as well.


  8. Dani @ Perspective of a Writer says:

    I never used to know about new releases… In fact if it didn’t come from a library I probably wouldn’t have read it. Ebooks is another for me too as I just love that format and find I read it very fast. I’ve very prone to reading slumps if I don’t enjoy a book so there were many books I wouldn’t finish because I am a slow reader. But ebooks has changed that! I can get through a book that is harder for me to read. ❤️


  9. Chana @ Paper Procrastinators says:

    I found that I’ve also started being more on track with newer releases since I started blogging. Before blogging I didn’t really read that much, and what I did read was never something new, unless I was keeping up with a series. I also feel the same about reviews! It really helps me gather my thoughts about a book although no matter how reviews I’m always a mess when trying to recommend a book in person 😂


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