JULES DEVEREUX|| Feminist Fighter & Faithful Friend

In an academic setting where misogyny thrived, Jules dared to speak. I was drawn to Jules because she reminded of the woman I am trying to become – one who is loud, and brash, one who turns her obstacles into resources. She never waited for the right opportunity to speak her mind, she did not let anger turn her into a berserker; instead Jules brought the fight to the oppressors. She challenged them on their own field and in spite of their judgement and laughter, she held her head high.

This character was not born a feminist; when she had first arrived at Fullbrook Academy, Jules had played into the mindset of her academia. Although a prestigious school, Fullbrook Academy is notorious for its rape culture and blatant misogyny. Even though, at first, Jules once considered this normalcy, she soon came to understand the injustice of it. And even though she was alone, she fought. 

You ace that test tomorrow, Jules. You ace that one and the next one. You are a dean’s list student, Jules. You stay that way, and you are going to any college you wish. And that’s how you deal with the Freddie Wattses of the world.

She may not have wings but Jules Devereux defied even the sky. She would not let her disadvantage stop her from doing the right thing. If a door closed, she would build another! I admired her drive so much and this wasn’t a fight just for herself! I loved how she was always vigilant, looking out for the younger girls.

My absolute favourite trait of Jules is her loyalty to her friends – Aileen, Bax, and Javi. This is especially seen with Bax who is new to Fullbrook. Bax’s social circle includes Jules and his hockey teammates who are everything Jules fights against. I love how she helped Bax come to understand the cruel system of their academia. Their friendship is filled with support, honest conversations, and respect. Jules never considered herself an authority on feminism, instead she constantly questioned and learned from the world around her.

Jules Devereux

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In Tradition, we come to find that beneath all the fierceness, Jules is also fearful. None of us are ever truly fearless in this war and this is what made me feel closer to her. She did not let fear or her trauma stunt her, she drew strength in spite of it.

She is what I would call a modern day Icarus, but unlike the mythology, Jules does not drown. She rebuilds her wings, embraces the sun and the winds, and burns with glory. 

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To know right from wrong, and to know it so profoundly, was a gift. No matter how much they wanted me to behave, to play by the rules of their little, fake Fullbrook paradise, I didn’t have to. I knew too much to play pretend. I knew the real world – and it was mine to live in. They could take so much from me, but not everything. What was left was strong, and they couldn’t stop the me I would and could become – how I’d poke up from what they’d torn down, rise from it all, and bloom again, wild and free.

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I’m so happy to have finally had the chance to take part in Dani’s newest meme! I love it because it has prompted me to analyze fictional characters more critically. This week’s prompts is about A Character Who Flies. I’m really glad Dani gave us the option of picking a character who “take to the sky in any way they count” rather than focusing solely on winged creatures.

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8 thoughts on “JULES DEVEREUX|| Feminist Fighter & Faithful Friend

  1. Dani @ Perspective of a Writer says:

    WOW Cam…. I’m super excited seeing this post and you just blow me away! I am so happy to see you take a totally different approach creatively and a girl who didn’t know she was a feminist who learns about feminism is such a perfect character to choose. And the way you wrote this post totally sucked me it! You always blow me away but yeah I could so see the writer Cam weaving words and building a character. I truly felt I met Jules! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Holly says:

    This is such a beautifully written post! I also love that you focused on a feminist character who develops such a perspective over time with experience, just like in real life. I had never heard of Tradition before this post, but it seems like something I would really enjoy. I love books set in schools!

    Liked by 1 person

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