AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER WRAP UP: finding a new routine

Mabuhay, friends!

In the past two months, I have been very busy and always on the go. First it was with editing my manuscript, then I started my new job in September. So any plan I had for my blog pretty much fell out the window but that’s alright! I needed to prioritise adjusting to my work and my new pace of life.


One of the best fantasy books I have read. When I say I couldn’t put down this book, I really mean it. It was an engrossing look into character motivation, identity and the things they do to achieve greatness. You can check out my review for this debut fantasy here.


This was my first ever read from Leigh Bardugo and I’m so glad I did! I enjoyed this book a lot despite the weakness of its magic system. I can’t wait to read the sequel.


A very cute and cosy books about adventure, family and teenage romance. I enjoyed the quiet fantasy vibes of this book and would love to read more now.


I thought Gone Girl was twisted but Sharp Objects blew it out of the water. It’s honestly a depressing and twisted story but I couldn’t look away.


🌸 Going back to what I posted in August, I reviewed a copy of Once Stolen by D.N. Bryn, a fantasy steampunk novel featuring a mer-snake who makes a deal with a cartel prisoner in exchange for the prisoner’s stash of ignits, a type of power-producing stones. They journey through a mist-laden and monster-filled swamp with scheming poachers and a desperate cartel leaders on their tail.

🌸 Yes, I am STILL working my way through The Wheel of Time series. In the meantime, you can read my rambling review on book six, Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan.

🌸 I can safely say that She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan is one of my favourite reads of the year. This book follows a young peasant girl who takes on the identity of her brother and his prophesied fate of greatness. This is a story of survival, of destiny and the burning desire to go against one’s fate.

🌸 In August, I joined in the Top Five Tuesday scavenger hunt and recommended various book lists featuring Food on the Cover, Creatures on the Cover, Plants on the Cover, Buildings and Vehicles on the cover and People on the Cover.

🌸 Mae and I discussed our first buddy read in September which was There’s Magic Between Us by Jillian Maria.

📚 Charlotte from Reads Rainbow recommends Zodiac signs as LGBT+ books! The books chosen for me are Everyone in This Room Will Someday be Dead by Emily Austin,  Empress of Forever by Max Gladstone and If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again by Zen Cho!

📚 I loved this review of After the Dragons by Cynthia Zhang by Skye from The Quiet Pond. They describe this book as a a quiet fantasy about the climate, queer love, and having hope in a world you cannot save.

📚 Sunny from Sunny Book Nook recommended some girlboss female manipulator books we should read.

🌸 I joined my first ever PitMad event on Twitter! I was so nervous and very, very excited. Because of the time difference, I was up from 10PM to 10AM, just for this competition. I am a bit sad that I didn’t get any agent likes but the feedback I got from people was so overwhelming. It made me really believe that my work will find its home.

🌸 Mister and I are finally fully vaccinated! It certainly has given us peace of mind, especially with our state slowly starting to open up.

🌸 My fitness routine has changed considerably in the past two months. For years my choice of exercise was Pilates which I really enjoyed but I wanted to get more out of my workout and so, I ventured into strength training. I’ve been following Sydney Cummings on YouTube for two months now and I am absolutely in love with her workouts! Fitness is an integral part of my life, so I’m always looking for new ways to challenge my body.

🌸 I have been challenging myself to walk 10,000 steps everyday! It has been difficult some days since I do work a 9-5 job. So far, I’ve hit 10k on most days but I always try to achieve at least, 7,500 steps! Do you have any fitness goals you’re working on?

🌸 My birthday is coming up! You’re going to be horrified by this but I’ve decided that instead of buying books for myself, I’ll be getting a pair of converse shoes to help with my strength training once gyms open!

🌸 How have the past months been for you? What are you looking forward to October?

🌸 Don’t forget to link your wrap up post in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “AUGUST TO SEPTEMBER WRAP UP: finding a new routine

  1. jyvurentropy says:

    I loved Ninth House! I wouldn’t say the magic system is weak though. It’s very well thought out and unique. It’s just that it’s a soft magic system. There’s nothing wrong with soft magic systems and they aren’t inherently lesser than hard magic systems. You’ve got to judge a soft magic system for what it is.


  2. Malka @ Paper Procrastinators says:

    Good luck with your new job! Starting something new always requires a transition period, so it makes sense that you were unable to blog as much!

    I’m sad to see that The Midnight Library was a disappointment! It’s on my TBR because of all the good things I’ve heard about it, but since I’ve purchased the book I’ve begun to hear more mixed things.

    I’ve gotten out of my fitness routine that I sorta built a few months ago, but hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll get back into it!

    I hope you have a wonderful October!


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