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With the first look of The Wheel of Time Amazon TV show being released, my excitement has gone up by a million. It’s also a bit stressful as I am only halfway through the series! Book six in The Wheel of Time series was not my favourite. There were scenes, here and there, that I enjoyed but Lord of Chaos was quite heavy on the politics and at times it felt like the book very slowly. Anywho, here are my thoughts on Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan!



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In this sequel to the phenomenal New York Times bestseller The Fires of Heaven, we plunge again into Robert Jordan’s extraordinarily rich, totally unforgettable world.

On the slopes of Shayol Ghul, the Myrddraal swords are forged, and the sky is not the sky of this world.

In Salidar the White Tower in exile prepares an embassy to Caemlyn, where Rand Al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, holds the throne — and where an unexpected visitor may change the world.

In Emond’s Field, Perrin Goldeneyes, Lord of the Two Rivers, feels the pull of ta’veren to ta’veren and prepares to march.

Morgase of Caemlyn finds a most unexpected, and quite unwelcome, ally.

And south lies Illian, where Sammael holds sway.


What troubles me about reading The Wheel of Time is that there are very many details and plotlines occurring simultaneously. It takes a lot of concentration, on my end, to pick out the threads. Often I miss them because I’m so focused on the bigger picture – on Rand’s role as the Dragon Reborn and how each character acts to support him.

Lord of Chaos changes our characters so much. Firstly, let’s talk about Rand al’ Thor and his establishment of a school for men who can channel. The men are called Asha’man; they are trained and offered safety from the Aes Sedai. Rand places Mazrim Taim in charge of the men even though he is very much distrustful of Taim. The power struggle between the two is so passive aggressive. It’s also really scary because the last thing we need are two factions of Asha’man battling it out. Also, Alanna ended up bonding Rand without his consent! Despite her reasoning, I still do not see the logic behind it. What is the purpose? Did she think she could control him? Would she eventually grow strong enough to do so? Is she going to be his greatest weakness?

On top of that, the Aes Sedai kidnap Rand and begin torturing him. They also torture Min to get to Rand. Jordan’s description of the days Rand spent in captivity and his declining mental state at the time was very uncomfortable to read. The Aes Sedai took such delight in torturing him to a point that, I think, when his power went out of control he stilled the Aes Sedai. I think Lews Therin helped him as well. I forget, but I do know their relationship did change a bit with Lews Therin seeming to become more aware, I suppose, that he is in Rand’s body. Like, I’m pretty excited to see how that evolves.

Egwene al’Vere is raised to Amrylin and ironically, that’s not the impressive part. What’s impressive is Egwene realising that the Aes Sedai want to control her and so she pretends to be submissive while concocting her own plans. I swear, the cunning on that girl has evolved and I love it. Her growing friendship with Siuan Sanche is so interesting to follow because, one, the dynamics of their power has shifted and they are trying to navigate this new-ness but they also behave much like sisters. It makes me miss Moiraine so much.

We also catch up with Perrin and Faile, and Perrin’s interactions with Faile’s parents. While I do love Perrin, I was kinda left with not much to say about his plotline in Lord of Chaos. One of my favourite scenes in this novel, unsurprisingly, involves Mat. It’s the part where he sees the Aes Sedai are not respecting Egwene despite her being the new Amrylin and then he bows low just to show them was so sweet! His relationship with Olver was just so funny. I loved reading his interactions with the kid and how he would always be surprised when Olver learned a bad habit.

Overall, Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan delved deeply into Rand’s struggle against Lews Therin and his distrust towards the Aes Sedai. I enjoyed the coming together of the Asha’man school and seeing Rand’s leadership harden.

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4 thoughts on “LORD OF CHAOS BY ROBERT JORDAN // The Wheel of Time

  1. Sara K. says:

    🌸 What’s your favourite book series?

    Tough question… I might give one answer right now, and a different answer tomorrow. I also feel vulnerable publicly declaring a favorite book series, since all series has flaws, and all the candidates are series I have strong feelings about, so I don’t want to say ‘this is my favorite series’ and then someone says ‘but what about this flaw’ and I’ll respond ‘yes, it has that flaw.’

    🌸 Do you enjoy reading epic fantasy series or prefer sticking to a trilogy?

    I enjoy either if it’s right for me. I guess if I have to pick, I’ll pick epic fantasy series, but only if it’s good, not some series which would have been better off ending with the third book. (I’ve never gotten around to trying The Wheel of Time so I have no personal opinion).


  2. Aislynn d'Merricksson says:

    Great review! I need to finish this series too. The books are just so massive!

    I enjoy epic fantasy, but my favourite fantasy series tend to be smaller scale. There’s no way I can pick a single fave, but some are The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks, Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, Black Magician series by Trudi Canavan, and above all, the massive Drizzt series by RA Salvatore.


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