JULY WRAP UP // my favourite books have underdog main characters

Mabuhay, friends!

July has been a busy and rough month. Towards the end of the month I got some bad news that, even as I write this, have made things emotionally difficult for me. So, I’m taking it one day at a time. I’ve been spending a lot of time out in the garden which has helped me get through the day. I’m really grateful that I have my podcast, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and baking to keep me busy.

Anyways, let’s get on to the wrap up!



The Silence of Bones by June Hur has themes quite similar to my current WIP and so I picked it up to study the author’s writing. Now, I am not familiar with historical mystery novels but June Hur’s writing was so easy to fall into. Her character exploration was impressive and as a writer, I learnt a lot from this book.

🌸 THE SILENCE OF BONES BY JUNE HUR // a murder mystery set during Korea’s Joseon dynasty


When it comes to books with merfolks, D.N. Bryn is THE author you need to check. Not only are their books bloody and witty, but the author also crafts a wonderfully diverse range of characters. In Once Stolen, our main character is an autistic mer-snake who grudgingly has to lead a poisoned cartel prisoner through the dangerous Murk for a hoard power-producing stones. This book is such an adventure and highly recommend reading it for some laughs and heart-warming moments.

🌸 OUR BLOODY PEARL BY D.N. BRYN // a book review



Honestly, I can’t believe I finished this book. I have to admit that it wasn’t the best out of the series and many moments did confuse me, however, I’m still going to continue the series because I love the characters. There was bound to be some mid-book slump. Also, the news that the Amazon series will be out this November has given me the motivation to finish the series.



The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney was certainly an experience. It was my first time reading a sci-fi mystery book and this one left me hungry for more. Although I couldn’t put this book down, it didn’t leave lasting impression. Even so, the mystery was interesting; the concept of an AI as a clone of a real person was intriguing but also very eerie. The premise was so original and though there were a few plot holes, I did enjoy this book a lot.



I never dreamed that I would be holding a physical copy of one my most anticipated reads of the year! Historical fantasy books are my new weakness. She Who Became the Sun is so beautifully written with descriptions of the society, its people, their mannerisms and not to mention, the description of the way people look! I also have to say the way Shelley Parker-Chan writes her characters’ observations and their reaction to the world around them is so compelling. Sometimes I have to go back a few sentences to study the words and phrases they use.

As I write this I’m in the middle of the book and have been filming a reading vlog. I’ve had the opportunity to receive review copies of the Sapphic Trifecta, so don’t forget to check out my review of The Unbroken by C.L. Clark and I’ll be filming a reading vlog for The Jasmine Throne.

🌸 This month, I took part in the Top Five Tuesday bookish meme hosted by Meeghan Reads. It has honestly helped me stay consistent with my posts and each of the prompts helped me critically analyse the books I had. Check out my posts on the top five Hyped Books I Love, Hyped Books on my Reading List, Hyped Books I’m not Interested in Reading and Hyped Books I Didn’t Like.

🌸 I shared a review of one of my favourite reads in July which The Silence of Bones by June Hur.

🌸 Continuing my series review of The Wheel of Time, I also posted my review of The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan which is book five in the series.

🌸 On the latest episode of Totes and Tales, Mae and I participate in the Mid-Year Book Tag where we check-in our reading progress and share the reads that we loved.

🌸 On YouTube, I shared some of my favourite thrift haul books from non-fiction to fantasy series.

📚 In The Fantasy Hive’s latest post, five authors share the biggest challenges faced by female indie-fantasy authors. The authors in the guest post are Suzannah Rowntree, Angela Boord, Virginia McClain, ML Wang, Rachel Emma Shaw and Krystle Matar. From the pressures of being shoehorned by traditional publishers to genre prejudices, the authors share their personal experiences on the highs and lows in their career.

📚 When it comes to books on my “maybe” lists, I love coming across reviews that give me the nudge to get to it sooner. Eustea Reads reviews Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell describing it as “intimate and lyrical and I’m pretty sure I love the book for the writing.”

📚 If you’re looking for more books to add to your TBR or want to pre-order some queer reads, might I suggest Reads Rainbow’s July to December book releases with Bi Protagonists, and with sapphic characters.

📚 Ena from Flyer on the Wall shares some beautiful Poems for Old Souls and Personal Losses.

📚 In the Philippines, August is ‘Buwan ng Wika’ or Month of Language when we celebrate the different languages and dialects of the Philippines. Kate from Your Tita Kate is hosting Wikathon which is a readathon celebrating Filipino authors. If you’re joining the readathon, check out Kater’s recommendations of 27 books to meet the prompts!

📚 Mae from Mae The Dreamer reviews The Misadventures of a Amateur Naturalist by Ceinwen Langley which is a queer retelling of Beauty and the Beast. According to Mae, “It combines things I love such as a historical setting, science, and an ambitious character who gives the readers a laugh from time to time.”

📚 Nae from Inkhaven has written a beautiful open letter to Shiori from Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim. This is part of a beautiful series where Nae writes letters to her favourite fictional characters.

🌸 How has July been for you? What are you looking forward to in August?

🌸 Did you pick up a new creative hobby in July?

🌸 Don’t forget to link your wrap up post in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “JULY WRAP UP // my favourite books have underdog main characters

  1. Mae says:

    You’ve had a productive July! For August, I look forward to reading the books from my “ARC Pile”. 😀 Thank you for including my post in your wrap-up!


  2. Lay @ bookshelfsoliloquies says:

    Your July looks like it was a great time for you! I technically only read 2 books (though one of them I read 5 times in total, it’s my emotional support book lol) and my month was pretty stressful, but I finally found a therapist! That might actually be the achievement of the year because oh boy, it was a struggle.

    I actually did pick up a new hobby in July! A friend and I made some embroidered patches for a friend’s birthday so now I’m suddenly into embroidery?! It’s so fun and I’ve missed creating something physical with my hands since much of my work is purely digital.

    I hope you have a wonderful August!✨


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