Mabuhay, friends!

Happy Pride Month! Did you treat yourself to something special?

Today, I want to share with you some recently released LGBTQA+ books that I have on my TBR. This list has been building since the start of the year, and with so many beautiful queer books being released at the start of June, I wanted to recommend the ones that have already been released.

I’m so excited to share this list with you and I do hope you find one that you’ll love!

Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters

🌈 This book follows Ames decision to de-transition due to the difficulty of transitioning. The story explores how this affects the relationship with Reese.

🌈 Ames has been having an affair with their boss and one day, they find out that their boss, Katrina, is pregnant. However, she isn’t sure whether to keep the baby.

🌈 Detransition, Baby tells the story of the three characters trying to form a family system; exploring their own emotions and desires around gender, motherhood, and sex.

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Sorrowland by Rivers Solomon

🌈 Follows Vern who is on the run, trying to escape a religious compound. Vern is also pregnant and soon gives birth to twins. Features an African-American intersex MC.

🌈 Explores motherhood, mental health issues, queerness and race, and the violation against Black bodies caused by government.

🌈 Sorrowland is horror and mystery-thriller mix.

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The Mirror Season by Anna-Marie McLemore

🌈 I may have only read Dark and Deepest Red from Anna-Marie McLemore, but they are one of my favourites. Described as an unforgettable story of trauma and healing.

🌈 Two teens are sexually assaulted – one of them remembers the events of the night but the other doesn’t. When Ciela meets Lock, she has to decide whether to tell him of that night, when keeping it a secret means their survival.

🌈 Features bisexual main characters.

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The Prophets by Robert Jones, Jr.

🌈 Described as a novel about the forbidden union between two enslaved young men on a Deep South plantation. I came across this book early in the year but haven’t been emotionally stable enough to pick it up.

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Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

🌈 A contemporary book about two women who accidentally get married while drunk. Although I initially thought this book was a rom-com, many of the reviews I’ve read have mentioned that the romance is only one of the themes.

🌈 Honey Girl also explores Grace’s loneliness as she consistently hustles to fight the systematic racism face by many women of colour.

🌈 Found family trope!

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Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo

🌈 Set in 1954 America, two girls fall in love. This historical fiction novel follows Lily Hu and Kathleen Miller who met at a lesbian bar called the Telegraph Club.

🌈 Explores the Red Scare paranoia in the US which threatened the lives of many immigrants.

🌈 A beautiful story of exploring one’s queer identity, finding where one belongs and discovery of safe spaces in a tumultuous world.

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All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson

🌈 A series of personal essays from LGBT+ activist George M. Johnson. This book explores

🌈 All Boys Aren’t Blue is a memoir that explores gender identity, toxic masculinity, structural marginalization, consent, and Black joy.

🌈 The authors also explores childhood trauma from not only being gay but also being black in America.

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Ace: What Asexuality Reveals about Desire, Society and the Meaning of Sex by Angela Chen

🌈 Described as an engaging exploration of what it means to be asexual in a world that’s obsessed with sexual attraction, and what we can all learn about desire and identity by using an ace lens to see the world

🌈 Ace is a mix of interviews and a memoir with a cultural criticism and ace lens. The authors explores and challenges the socially imposed norms on ace people.

🌈 Ace includes representation for disabled aces, aces of colour, questioning aces, and non-binary aces.

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In The Ravenous Dark by A.M. Strickland

🌈 Pansexual blood mage! Pansexual blood mage!

🌈 In the Ravenous Dark is a fantasy novel about mages who are assigned undead spirits to guard and control them. The main character, Rovan, is a blood mage whose magic is revealed thus pushing her into the world politics and deception.

🌈 The author mentions that the book also has a lesbian secondary character, enby/asexual secondary character and a wonderful polygamous relationship. Talk about gothic queerness!

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Persephone Station by Stina Leicht

🌈 Recommended for fans of The Mandalorian and Cowboy Bebop, Persephone Station is the name of backwater planet that has suddenly become the focus of attention and exploitation. Cue meet cute between a bar owner and an ex-marine slash leader of a band of dangerous misfits.

🌈 In the Ravenous Dark is a fantasy novel about mages who are assigned undead spirits to guard and control them. The main character, Rovan, is a blood mage whose magic is revealed thus pushing her into the world politics and deception.

🌈 Persephone Station makes me think Kate Pentecost’s Elysium Girls but with darker vibes. This space opera, chaotic Western novel sounds right up my alley!

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Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar

🌈 Who can resist the fake dating trope? To prove her “bisexuality” to her friends, Hani blurts out that she is “dating” a girl her friends hate. Ishu agrees to go along with this plan if Hani helps her become more popular as she runs for head girl. But what happens when the fakery turns into genuine feelins?

🌈 This book explores the discrimination bisexual people face, especially those whose identities are questioned because they’ve only dated men or only women. Additionally, the author shows how different families can be event if they share the same culture and religion.

🌈 Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating is a story about first love and self-love.

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Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun by Jonny Garza Villa

🌈 Features a Mexican American gay MC, a Vietnamese American gay love interest and many queer side characters.

🌈 I loved reading The Quiet Pond’s review of this book which CW described as, “a book that deftly balances the softness and joy of first love and steadfast friendship but also the sharp and painful edges of heteronormativity and anti-gay prejudice.”

🌈 I always love reading stories about coming out because I never really had that. The comfort and joy that the characters feel at the end of the book, knowing that their story is only going to get brighter makes me feel strong. I do hope I get the chance to experience this book some day soon.

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The Forever Sea by Joshua Phillip Johnson

🌈 I am falling in love with environmental fantasy and sci-fi books. In The Forever Sea, ships sail on a sea of grass with the help of magical hearthfires.

🌈 Kindred is a hearthfire keeper and sailor. She receives news of her grandmother disappearing in to The Forever Sea but Kindred does not believe it to be an act of suicide. So, Kindred goes on a ques to find her grandmother to discover the reason of her grandmother’s actions.

🌈 Features bi rep and f/f romance.

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Ace of Spades by Faridah Γ€bΓ­kΓ©-ÍyΓ­mΓ­dΓ©

🌈 It’s no secret that dark academia is predominantly white, so when I came across Ace of Spades, I pretty much lost it.

🌈 Described as Gossip Girl and Get Out, two students are forced to work together when an anonymous texter sends Chiamaka and Devon’s secrets to the whole student body. The book explores systemic racism and classism faced by people of colour in academe.

🌈 Features bisexual rep and gay rep.

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If you like to purchase any of the books listed above, please consider using my affiliate links with AMAZON and BLACKWELL’S.

🌸 Have you read any of the books on this list?

🌸 Which recent release have you read and enjoyed?

🌸 Which upcoming release are you looking forward to or is on your TBR?

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  1. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight says:

    This is a fabulous list! And thank you for giving little bits about the books too, that is SO helpful! I read and absolutely loved Last Night at the Telegraph Club! Persephone Station is on my shelf right now, I cannot wait for it! I am also really excited for Sorrowland, The Mirror Season, and Ace of Spades, but you have put so many more on my radar, I am going to add a few to my list no question!


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