Spring Cleaning My Book Collection – My September #goodreadance2020 Action Plan

How do I talk about this year without trying to tear my hair out?

If there is anything I could hate then it’s not having control and organisation in my life. As much as I claim to love chaos, sticky notes and action plans set my heart racing. So, when I say that Shut Up, Shealea’s #goodreadance challenge is a godsend, I mean it. I legit need some semblance of having the Amy Santiago spirit for this season.


The Goodreads Spring Cleaning Challenge is otherwise known as #goodreadance2020, a pitiful pun that infuses ‘Goodreads’ and ‘good riddance’ together. Running from the first to last days of September, it is a month-long challenge dedicated to any and/or all of the following goals:

  • Sorting or organizing your shelves on Goodreads
  • Removing book titles that you are no longer interested in
  • Updating or changing your star ratings
  • Writing Goodreads reviews for the books you’ve read
  • And most importantly, sharing your approaches, goals, and personal experiences over time

Spreadsheet Creation

Because what good is a game plan without spreadsheets? As of now, I am putting a spreadsheet for my projects, my intentions and breaking them down by weeks. Once I have properly outline what I need to be done, I’ll break down the projects into bite-sized tasks.

I already have a spreadsheet for the books I own and my ARCs but what I need now is, firstly, a process to ensure that I constantly update the database, and secondly, reduce the amount of unread books on my stack. Besides what’s on my Kindle, I know that the physical books I own are all ones I want to read, so I won’t be unhauling any unread books but rather coming up with a system and a set of rules to read more of what I own rather than borrowing or requesting more ARCs. Another challenge I want to set myself is to curate a TBR stack for each month, so that I don’t rely on my moods choosing books.

Clearing out my Goodreads Shelves

Currently, I don’t have too many physical books that I’d need to unhaul, though I might just create a list of books that I plan to sell, donate, or giveaway, and their conditions.

For the unhauling, my Goodreads shelves will take precedence as I’ll need to not only clean out my Want to Read shelf but also review the books that I haven’t. This will require me setting aside a day dedicated to only reviewing the books on my Goodreads Read shelf.

Below are the steps I have set out to clearing out my Kindle and my Goodreads shelves

Unhaul Kindle Books

✅ Make a spreadsheet for books on my Kindle

✅ Note down the dates I got them

✅ Books that have been on my Kindle TBR for more than two years are removed.

Goodreads Shelves

✅ Remove the books I no longer want to read

✅Add Trigger Warnings to my 2020 reviews

✅ Review the books that haven’t been reviewed

Review my Rating System

I haven’t thought this one out just yet but I’ve been meaning to do it since the start of the year. I want to upgrade my rating to reflect the theme of my blog, and also set up a strong foundation for why I give a certain rating.

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9 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning My Book Collection – My September #goodreadance2020 Action Plan

  1. Amber says:

    Good luck! Clearing out my Goodreads shelves is a thing I desperately need to do as well… but I’ve still got serious FOMO so… 🙃 good luck! I bet it will feel amazing to have a less daunting TBR. 💕💜💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Malka @ Paper Procrastinators says:

    As an organizational nerd, this challenge sounds like so much fun! I get super overwhelmed when my TBR on Goodreads has more than 50 books on it, so I’m constantly removing books that I’m no longer interested in to keep the amount of books on that list to a low number.

    But I have wanted to update my spreadsheets to start keeping track of the books I own, the ARCs I’ve received, and the ones I purchased this year. I’ve been pretty good at keeping track of the books I read though, so I’m proud of that. But maybe this challenge will give me the push I need to make my spreadsheets contain even more detailed and organized information!

    Good luck with all your goals! I can’t wait to hear about the results!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cam @ Camillea Reads says:

      Ooooh that sounds like a really good system! With having a library nearby, I find tackling my TBR much easier now.

      Oh, yes, I have an excel sheet with those details and it’s actually good for me to see how much I’ve spent on books. And yes, I’ll definitely share my results!

      Liked by 1 person

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