Joining the #STARTONYOURSHELFATHON 2020 Reading Challenge to Clean Up My TBR

Thank goodness for reading challenges! Because we know that, without the agonizing pressure and competitiveness that runs through my blood, I would never be able to read everything on my shelf.

I wish I could say that I’m trying my best but I am a Libra ruled by my emotions. Plus add in the fact that I am greedy and can’t tame my bookish TBR, well, if The Bookish Grudge we’re real, I wouldn’t be here to write this post.

So, I must say a big thank you to CW from The Quiet Pond for creating the #StartOnYourShelfathon Reading Challenge for 2020.

Below, I’m sharing an excerpt from CW’s information post, #StartOnYourShelfathon Is On Its Way! A 2020 Readathon to Read All of Those Books That You’ve Neglected!, so you can have an idea about the readathon.


🌺 The concept is simple: From December 13th 2019 to December 31st 2020, participants of the StartOnYourShelfathon will read books that they already own (whether it’s a physical or electronic bookshelf)!

🌺 Ambitious participants of StartOnYourShelfathon may want to try and read every single book that they haven’t read in their bookshelf.

🌺 Deity-tiered and the most powerful participants may endeavour to read every book on their bookshelf before purchasing new books or borrowing books from the library.

🌺 Participants who want to have fun and want to get in the spirit of StartOnYourShelfathon (but don’t want to be too stressed by it) may set their own goals for themselves by reading a specific number of books on their bookshelf each month.

🌺 Participants who also want to participate in my upcoming Pondathon (my The Quiet Pond story-driven readathon!) that will take place between mid-January to mid-February – don’t fret! A specific team that you can join in the Pondathon will synergise with StartOnYourShelfathon.


I don’t want to go overboard just yet, so I decided to choose five books that I would like to knock off my shelves between December to January!

42730332. sx318

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

I have not read any of Erin Morgenstern’s books, in spite of hearing so much about her. However, when I heard about The Starless Sea I couldn’t resist buying it. Firstly, it has a bee on the cover! Secondly, it about a ancient, magical library!

Cover Design: Suzanne Dean

Image result for emma jane austen arcturus


Emma by Jane Austen

I have been missing out on my fave girl, Jane Austen. It has been a long while since I’ve curled up with a good classic book. Since my recent reading slump, I’ve been trying to clear out my indie ARCs so that I can eventually have a slow read.

Cover Design: Peter Ridley

Image result for the great hunt robert jordan

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

My husband has been disappointed that I have not finished The Wheel of Time series, in spite of it being a year since I read The Eye of the World. BUT! With the recent news about the Wheel of Time amazon series coming up, I have no choice but to finish the series! As I’m writing this, I currently reading book one, so….wish me luck!

Design: Darrell K. Sweet



The Veil of Ashes by S. Usher Evans

This book was a wonderful slow burn fantasy! I loved the whole princess by day, vigilante by night plot and with the way book one, I need to dive into this read. The first book, The City of Veils, read like a mystery where the MC had to play the game of politics. For someone who is used to seeing crime as black and white, Brynna had to navigate the court with much less brash. I certainly loved her character and can’t wait to read more!

Cover Design: Jo Painter 


The Thunderbird Queen The Thunderbird Queen by Jordan Rivet

I am utterly disappointed with myself for not getting on this book earlier! For someone who adores Jordan Rivet, I’ve left this book unread on my Kindle. Tamri would kick my butt if she could.

Cover Design: Deranged Doctor Design





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Don’t forget to check out CW’s information post, #StartOnYourShelfathon Is On Its Way! A 2020 Readathon to Read All of Those Books That You’ve Neglected!

What are your 2020 reading goals?

Which book do you want to read before the year ends?

Have you ordered or bought any new books recently?


4 thoughts on “Joining the #STARTONYOURSHELFATHON 2020 Reading Challenge to Clean Up My TBR

  1. Erin Tweed says:

    This is SUCH a great idea! I always buy new books and leave them sitting unread on my shelf for ages. I would love to take part in this. I am leaving to study abroad in Scotland soon and won’t be able to bring many books with me, so I am going to try and read as many as I can before then.

    Liked by 1 person

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