Do you know the days when you can barely finish reading a sentence? Or the day when your favourite book doesn’t feel as awesome as it used to?

Being unable to pick up a book is worse than a thousand paper cuts, right?

The dreaded reading slump is every bookworm’s enemy. The sluggish mind and empty joy that accompanies this malady make it seems like it would last forever (it doesn’t). Reading slumps can be the worst, or they can be a warning sign. I’ve found that reading slumps are similar to a burn-out. From my experience with slumps in various areas,  it’s probably my body’s only way of catching my attention.

While I hate falling into a reading slump, over the years I’ve come to realize that a slump is more than just about the books. One of the misconceptions I’ve read about reading slumps is that it is caused by a bad book or because of continuously reading the same genre, which can be true in some cases. However, this does not apply to all readers.

Today as part of my participation in The Bloggers in the Attic discussion chain, I’m going to talk about how reading slumps are simply not about our reading habits but could be a sign from my mind and body to slow down.

discussionchaintrThe Bloggers in the Attic is a discussion chain. And what is a discussion chain? Well, it’s pretty simple and with few steps. The rules to participate are pretty simple. Me and other eleven bloggers united together to discuss a common topic, covering the whole arc of June, and sharing our unique perspective. I created the initiative with the wish to create a discussion space that could explore a normal topic for different part of the world. So, if you ever wish to take part in the future discussion, please just comment under Camilla’s introduction and first post. Every topic will be discussed bi-monthly, so the next round will be up in April. There’s plenty of time to join in, but the best option is always to enter early.

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Just like any other hobby, a burnout is unavoidable. Our minds crave a change of scenery and by this, I mean something other than reading. Have you ever considered that maybe your other hobbies need attention too? Or have you discarded a new project to finish that latest book?

Consider the kind of energy you’re putting into reading. Are you turning your hobby into a chore? Is finishing a book more important than putting down a bad read?


One of the pieces of advice given by bookworms with regards to reading slumps is to read new genres, or better yet try audiobooks or manga or watch the movie versions. Now, this is good advice, but what if we take it beyond reading? Shifting your perspective to a new form is very helpful.

Consider putting down your book and changing up your living space, or changing your routines. I find that this helps to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your current environment. 


This may sound a bit dramatic but it’s true. By being so focused on reading one book after another, we tend to ignore your mind’s need to slow down. Sometimes we may even interpret the sluggish feeling as a result of a bad book. Some try to cure it by re-reading. But sometimes this goes deeper than just a bad read. Ask yourself if you’ve you taken a moment to soothe your body and mind? What other forms of relaxation or self-care, do you perform (that does not involve a book)? 




  1. Ngoc says:

    Ohmygosh, this is such a good point & I never thought about it this way!! You’re totally right though, when I’m in a reading slump it feels like a bookworm’s burnout!


  2. Malka @ Paper Procrastinators says:

    I don’t watch much TV or YouTube but when I’m in a slump I find that I reach towards watching things more! I think it’s because my brain isn’t processing words in the written form too well at the moment, so I change up my medium. I’ve also found graphic novels to be a wonderful tool. Probably because of the pictures vs. words reason as well!


  3. Christine says:

    I notice that when I get in a reading slump, it tends to be the content that I am reading (like you point out). I was reading books set in the Baltics for months for a post, and I just didn’t love the material anymore. Sometimes, too, it just happens when there is a lot going on in my life. I try to switch it up with some junk foody title–like the Netflix of reading.


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