Reading during the holidays can get quite hectic. Between planning for Christmas, buying & wrapping gifts, trying to summon the spirit of Christmas a.k.a Jack Skellington, finding the time to read can turn into a chore. 

Yet, as any bookworm knows, we tend to get grouchy when we’re unable to settle down with a good book for a few minutes. So, I would like to invite you to join my friends and I for a month long reading challenge hosted by the Indie Fantasy Addicts group on Facebook! Below is a description of the challenge and my personal TBR for the challenge. 

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The IFA Holiday Reading Challenge is a mini holiday challenge that will last from November 19, 2018 to January 1, 2019. Just like before, the purpose of this is just to have fun and discover more amazing indie fantasy authors! There is no set reading list. Audiobooks also apply. And ARCs. Read whatever you want as long as it’s indie fantasy.

All you have to do is create posts about what you’re reading, tell us your thoughts on the book (without spoilers!) and link to your review so the rest of us can discover more amazing adventures! The review can be on your favorite retailer, whether it’s Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub….whatever! Tag it with #IFAHolidayChallenge so we can find it later! And if we can number them this time that would be greatly appreciated since counting hundreds of entries at the end starts to cross the eyes!!

 BONUS: Because it’s #NovemBARR, all of Brandon Barr’s books read and reviewed during this challenge will count as TWO!! (And this also includes any of his books read and reviewed since the beginning of Nov when he launched Rise of the Seer) #IFAHolidayChallengeBonus

 2nd BONUS: Anyone who shares this challenge on their blog or in their newsletters will also receive an extra bonus entry and our eternal gratitude! You guys are rockstars!

🏆 As before, we’ll do a tiered winning system since not all readers read at the same rate. Draws will be done to choose winners from the lower tiers. 

You can participate in the IFA Holiday Challenge by joining us over at Indie Fantasy Addicts!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that for every title that you purchase, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Here is the legend:

🎊 Free on Kindle

Sun With Face on Twitter Twemoji 11.2 On Sale for 0.99 USD 

🔥 On Sale between 1.99 USD 

🎁 On sale for 2.99 USD

🌈 Diverse Read

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Magpie’s Fall (The IronHeart Chronicles #2) by Allison Pang 🎁 

Rise of the Seer (Song of the Worlds #1) by Brandon Barr Sun With Face on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

Songs of Insurrection (The Dragon Songs Saga #1) by J.C. Kang 🌈


Amaskan’s Blood (The Boahim Trilogy #1) by Raven Oak 🌈

The Gods of Men by Barbara Kloss

Paragon Rising (Curse of the Phoenix #2) by Dorothy Dreyer 🌈 Sun With Face on Twitter Twemoji 11.2



The Edinburgh Seer (Edinburgh Seer #1) by Alisha Klapheke

The Song of the Sirin (Raven Son #1) by Nicholas Kotar

Highland Raven (Celtic Blood #1) by Melanie Karsark 


Over Raging Tides (Lady Pirates #1) by Jennifer Ellision

Smoke and Rain (Reroged Book #1) by V.S. Holmes Sun With Face on Twitter Twemoji 11.2

Soul Render (Soul Stones #1) by T.L. Branson

Lets Discuss

So, take a chance and join us at Indie Fantasy Addicts! There are many friendly people there who are super-duper fun, and the amount of support they show Indie authors is inspiring! 

What is your favourite Indie fantasy read? Have you read any of the books I mentioned above? 

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  1. Angel Haze says:

    Thank you for sharing!! I’m sooo excited for this challenge! You’ve got a stellar TBR list going! I’ve read Rise of the Seer, Paragon Rising, Soul Render, and the first book in the Dragon Songs saga–all absolutely amazing!! I haven’t read the Edinburgh Seer yet but Klapheke’s Waters of Salt and Sin is a slam dunk! And I’ve heard great things about Over Raging Tides and the Gods of Men!

    Liked by 1 person

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