AUGUST RECAP || Goals + My WIP + A future giveaway???

Holy witches, my season is soon approaching!

Although we don’t have the quintessential autumn here in the Philippines – with the falling leaves and pumpkin spice – it is my season! Imagine…

it as a time when a Sirena can walk the flooded streets to help those in need. Let’s talk of the Manananngal who takes advantage of the early dusk to protect her women.  Or a time for the Mambabarang to relay the whispered messages for the dead.

Woops, I went a little too into Filipino mythology there! But also imagine lights, lights, and more lights! Because Christmas has already begun here.

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Goal: Read 10 Books

Verdict: Read 8 Books



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Goal: Finish 50k on WIP

Verdict: Reached 25k!

In spite of what he is, Ghoul is a good boy. 

 For someone who eats the flesh of humans, getting into medical school might seem like a bad idea but Ghoul’s only goal in life is to excel in his studies to get into a good medical college, so he can finally cure his “condition.” 

The demon on his shoulder, though, is not very pleased. 

But things go crazy when Ghoul comes across a murder; when both victim and survivor gets attached to him. The demon on his shoulder is eager to make deals and own a child, because to him, everything is a game piece. 

Even the bodies that begin to show up. 


Source: Pinterest

This current WIP means so much to me because it’s influenced by Filipino urban legends and Filipino mythology, and is set on the streets of the Philippines!

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Goal #1: Finish WIP with 50k

Goal #2: Read 10 Books (not changing this until I achieve that number!)

Goal #3: Read 2 non-fiction books

Goal #4: Create four WIP aesthetics

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October is this girl’s birthday!

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I want to host a giveaway on the blog and on Instagram, so tell me, would you prefer a specific book, a gift card, or some merchandises?

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What was your best read this August? Have your preordered any new releases? How was your August? Any plans for September?

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