Sooooo, I’ve FINALLY graduated from my Masters! What a long and difficult road it has been.


Thinking back, I remember when I was thirteen years ol, I never thought I would make it past eighteen, to be honest. When I cam to the Philippines in 2015 I was still on the fence about my abusive relationship; my mental illness remained undiagnosed & unspoken; I suffered from self harm and low self esteem – all in silence, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. But now here I am, 23 years old with two degrees, getting off my medications, secure in my body and identity, in love and surrounded by love.

For those of you reading this who are struggling with mental illness, abuse, and your education – trust me, it will get better. It took me years – a decade, actually – to reach the point where I’m at now. To be honest, it’s not perfect at all! I still suffer, I still relapse, I still have doubts, but you move on. You take it one step at a time. Do not allow yourself to stay motionless. It’s okay to run away if that is what you need. You can reinvent yourself and still love yourself. One thing I’ve learned is to celebrate every milestone – from the biggest to the smallest.


Celebrate and memorialize it. Keep an account of all the good things you’ve experienced. People might snigger and call it materialistic – you know how people trash about those who post their life on Facebook or their blog – and you know what, tell them to fuck off. Celebrate your life! Be proud of your achievements! Show off what your hard-work has earned you! Never, ever downplay what you fought hard for!


This is how you will grow confident and safe in your skin.

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