GENOS || Mechanical Hearts Shine Bright Too!

Technically, this character doesn’t have a blood-pumping heart but I’m sure somewhere beneath the wires is a mechanical one. Polished and shiny, I bet!

I’m talking about Genos!

Yes, yes, but who is he?

My boy is nineteen year old cyborg from the Japanese manga, One Punch Man. He may come off as your typical bad boy with his devilishly handsome looks, the stubborn look in his eyes, and his penchant for rudeness.

So, why love him?

Firstly, tragic backstory, you guys. Genos was once a human, but at 15 years old his town was attacked by a cyborg who took away his family and his peace of mind. A passing scientist saved his life and at Genos’ request transformed him into a cyborg. As a cyborg, Genos’ body is equipped with high endurance, sensors, cannons, and high speed movement. And yet, in spite of all this, Genos continues to push himself to become stronger. He moves forward with the intention of killing the cyborg who destroyed his town.

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Genos is the disciple of the infamous Saitama – which only happened after A LOT of pestering and a bit of stalking *ahem*

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Beneath all the rudeness and indifference, he’s actually really sweet! If you’re Saitama, that is. Saitama is the most powerful superhero who is known for defeating villains with a single punch. What I love most about Genos is his persistence; you’ll always find him working towards becoming stronger. In fact, his time is spent between training and trying to uncover Saitama’s secret to his strength. The latter involves, like I said, a lot of stalking and note-taking on the poor Cyborg’s part! He puts my own bullet journal to shame.

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Genos is fiercely protective of his master, so if you want to approach Saitama, you’ll have to go through the Demon Cyborg first. Talk about overprotective boyfriend *ahem* adorable. So, as the anime progresses, Genos’ gruff character softens. He used to be a loner before but being around Saitama has exposed him to human behavior which has made him more aware. if not understanding.

Oh, and did I mention that he and Saitama are roommates?? They cook, clean, and go grocery shopping together! Genos even waits for Saitama to get home before eating. Isn’t that just the cutest relationship ever! In spite of his aloof ways, you can tell that Saitama also feels close to Genos. It’s a running gag on the show that Genos tends to twist Saitama’s mediocre sayings into genuine nuggets of wisdom. Boy doesn’t seem to realize his own intelligence!

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I’m hoping that One Punch Man will come out with season two soon as I’ve grown attached to the characters, all in the span of just twelve episodes! I, personally, find the the premise of One Punch Man to be quite unique. A super powerful hero who has grown frustrated and annoyed by his on invincibility makes for great story-telling! It’s a unique take on a trope of “becoming the best”, you know? Also, the visuals are just amazing! The show is an amusing blend of silliness and action, with characters that might make your jaw drop. If I had to use one word to describe this show, it would be bizarre. 

So if you’re an anime & manga lover, give One Punch Man a try! Let me know if you end up like Genos below *wink*

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“He reminds me of myself before I met sensei. There is no mercy in his heart. A strong hatred for everything evil, eager to eliminate them all.




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5 thoughts on “GENOS || Mechanical Hearts Shine Bright Too!

  1. malanielovesfiction says:

    OH MY GOD! GENOS!!!!!! MY ONE TRUE LOVVVEE! This is my favorite anime of all time and genos as an overprotective boyfriend = my happiness c: love this possstt

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dani @ Perspective of a Writer says:

    I totally don’t know One Punch Man Cam…. BUT now I really, really need to know both Genos and Saitama! I love the idea of a super powerful guy fed up with being able to wipe the floor with them… but also having a disciple who wants to learn all his secrets! Awwww I hope I can find the anime for them!! ❤️ Thanks for sharing, I love cyborgs and this was such a great find for me.

    Liked by 1 person

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