[Weekly Wrap-Up] Recommended Current Reads + Going cray-cray with my book hauls


Hello, everyone!



I’m currently reading Macbeth by Jo Nesbo, one of my most anticipated reads of 2018. I’m enjoying it so far; it’s exciting reading about the beloved characters in a contemporary setting. Nesbo’s novel also allow us to have a deeper understanding of the characters.




With this I’m also reading A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard. After being recommended this book so many times I finally picked it up! It’s such a sweet and cute novel that I’m having a hard time not smiling whenever I’m reading it.


Let’s talk about cat-calling.

This week has been, for lack of better words, emotionally exhausting. It started off with me shouting at a group of men for cat-calling. Cat-calling is such a common phenomenon that people think it’s natural and is actually complimentary. The irony is the surprise and outrage the harassers show when you confront them.

I think, cat-calling becomes ingrained woman’s life enough that we sort of learn to tune them out but even though we ignore or make a face at it, it’s still very scary. It’s funny because people don’t understand how words like “beautiful” or “baby” sound very threatening, so when you try to explain the encounter people downplay the harassment.

It took me a lot of article reading and sleepless night to finally have the courage to snap back. Let me tell you, as empowering as it is, nobody talks about the fear that comes after standing up to your harassers.

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For my first contribution for the Book Blogger Hop, I answered the question about whether I read classic retellings and even listed five classic retellings I have on my list. Then participating in Top Ten Tuesday, I listed five books which surprised me enough to become my favourites! I had a lot of fun revisiting my favourites, remembering how I found them and my initial reaction to their story. I also reviewed one of my favourite series, War and Wind (Tides Book II) by Alex Lidell. War and Wind is about a naval officer/princess on the run from a political marriage set by her family. There’s adventure, a bit of fantasy, and an open ocean!

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Stacking The Shelves

This post is a part of Stacking The Shelves meme by Tynga’s Reviews.

Books from Book Emporium Mr 17

So, yes, I did go a little overboard with my book buying this week. To be fair, this wasn’t pre-planned! I didn’t intend on buying these books but there was a sale, so one thing led to another and now I have new book. I’ve listed them below!

From Books ni Tess Mar 17

The above books have been on my to-buy list for a long time, so I’m gonna use that as a justification.

Ebooks mar 17

The City Beyond The Glass by Suzannah Rowntree is an eARC I received! Suzannah Rowntree is one of my favourite authors, so I’ve been eagerly waiting for her latest fairy tale retelling. You can blame Fanna @fannatality for me buying Our Dark Stars by Audrey Grey. This book had been on my radar initially but I wasn’t so sure, then I read Fanna’s review which got me hyped up for this particular read!

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Out & About

Krysta from Pages Unbound discusses her reasons for limiting the books she owns

Dalindcy talks about how she annotates her books!

Mikaela from The Well-Thumbed Reader lists 17 oddly specific books she wants more of


What are you currently reading? Has your week been good? Share with me one good thing that has happened in your week.

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16 thoughts on “[Weekly Wrap-Up] Recommended Current Reads + Going cray-cray with my book hauls

  1. Holly says:

    First: I LOVE your insta feed! Your photos are always so creative.
    Second: Cat-calling is the worst and I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with it recently. I also really admire you for speaking up about it on your blog! ❤
    Third: Have a lovely week! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cam @ Camillea Reads says:

      Eeeeh, thank you!! I’m so happy that you enjoy it 😀 And yeah, it was terrible but I wanted to use it as a sort of platform to build solidarity with my readers, It’s a scary experience and no one should feel shamed into silence.

      Hope you week will be wonderful!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. FranL says:

    Right now I honestly can’t imagine having the courage to snap back at cat-callers. I’d be terrified that would make them angry and therefore more aggressive. I’d be afraid that the harassment would become worse. I hope that one day I do have that kind of courage because cat-callers SHOULD be called out. They shouldn’t feel like they can get away with making women feel threatened or frightened in any way. At this point, they should know that that’s what they’re doing. We don’t take it as a compliment, and enough women have explained why so that there’s no way they can use ignorance as an excuse. Thank you for having more guts than I do right now!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jessie @ Dwell in Possibility says:

    Very well-said about cat-calling and how emotionally exhausting, scary, and de-humanizing it is. Let’s hope it’s a dying trend, because shouldn’t men know better at this point?!! As for more pleasant topics, The Bluest Eye and Speak are both powerful, phenomenal reads; and I love Emma and Tess of the d’Urbervilles. Hope you enjoy all four novels. Great haul and lovely bookstagram photos!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kristina says:

    oh wow your instagram pictures are just so perfect !!

    Men specially don’t seem to understand what our fuss is about with cat-calling .. but we are constantly fearing something happening to us, as of which they have no ideas and don’t have to live with that. Even scarier to act on things like that ! Who knows what that man will do ? They’re mostly bigger and stronger than us.. kudos to you to fight back and say something !

    Hopefully this will eventually stop in the future ..


  5. Daniela Ark says:

    First let me say.. Ugh sorry to hear about that cat-calling. I can SO relate. I grew up in South America and it’s really embedded in that culture. And yes. they do act surprised and outrage when confronted WTH???

    Second… OH I really want to kiss your book haul Cam!

    SPEAK!! OMG You are gonna read Speak! I ADORED that book and CANNOT wait to hear what you think of it.
    And you have some classics too [which I’m trying to get back to at least one each quarter. The Tale of to Cities! Yes!]

    Yes for War and Wind! I’m SO reading that one! Sounds amazing I really enjoyed to Kill a Kingdom and I’m craving more ocean adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Fanna says:

    I can totally understand, Cam, how scary it can be to stand up to a harasser or to speak up against them. But I’m so proud of you for doing that! It’s difficult but it should be done and though it can be emotionally wrecking, it’s better than being wrecked thinking about staying silent for the wrong.

    I’m glad my review could hype you up for Our Dark Stars but now I’m all the more nervous because oh my God, did you like it??? Have you read it yet?? When are you going to read it? And well, I hope you like it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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