The idea of keeping book related resolutions had never occurred to me. I never counted the amount of books I wanted to read in a month much less a year, I didn’t impatiently wait for upcoming releases, or even rave about books I read. I never cared much for statistics and I still don’t.

If you find yourself caught in a stress cycle of HAVING to reading 50 to 100 books a year or lessening your TBR pile, if you’ve come to see reading as a challenge rather than a hobby, then maybe you should reconsider not only the amount of time you spend reading but also the things you do besides it.



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Isn’t this every bookworms pet peeve? I’ve watched a few movies before the book but have never found it to hinder my reading experience. Instead, I find it enriching because I’m able to better visualize certain scenes that I may not have been able to as well had I not seen the movie.


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I like having a shelf full of books buuuut there are certain books I have not read in months – some even years – while there are some I just don’t like but kept. Rather than allowing it to take up space on your shelf, you can consider donating them to a children’s charity or a charity that encourages reading.

You don’t have to feel bad for reading books you don’t like because chances are there’s someone out there who’ll enjoy it!


I don’t think this needed saying. We both know how much stress that ever elusive TBR pile has been causing you. Remove titles you no longer recognize or interest you. I’m quite certain there are books on your virtual shelf you don’t even remember adding.


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You can apply this to anything you want. Whether it’s an outfit or a board game or a new yoga mat! Or even trying out that new restaurant you wanted to. I don’t want to limit “treating myself” to just books that end up laying around for weeks. Seriously consider it.


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It’s a wonderful venture to get into. You could try jewelry, bookmarks, candles, or stickers. I’m adding this to my list because it doesn’t take talent to learn it, in fact, crafts like these are developed by practice. You can choose to sell what you make or keep them for yourself. You can show your love and promote lesser known books through this.


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Dedicate a page or two to your favourite literature and go crazy! Use stickers, magazine pictures, bright pens, and lots of glitter! I made one when I read Gregory Orr’s poems and it was really ugly but gosh, was it therapeutic! If you’re feeling stressed out from reading but still want to stay in touch with the words, then start an art journal. At the end of the year you’ll have an artsy representation of your emotions and thoughts of the books you read.


So, what do you think of these ideas? Are you tempted to try any? Do you feel the need to spend less time reading and doing other things? Has reading become stressful for you?

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  1. I definitely want to donate a lot of my books this year because there are SO MANY that I know I probably won’t read again. Best of luck with all of these goals! 🙂


  2. Reading IS stressful at times, especially when we are surrounded by other bloggers making massive bookish goals. I always try and keep mine realistic as much as I can. I really need to cut down my TBR shelf on Goodreads, that would do me good. I’d also love to be able to do something bookish related, like candles or art, but… I don’t have the talent to, haha. Oh maybe someday 🙂
    Best of luck for all of these!! 🙂


  3. I’m by no means artistic, but I love the idea of having a literature art journal. It would be a fun way to remember the books I read and show off some of the lovely writing. Awesome suggestions. 🙂


  4. Donating books is such a great idea! And although I don’t think I have the skillset or the time to create an artsy journal, I do have a weekly planner that has sections which I designed myself. It was really fun!!! I bet journal-keeping is even more of a blast. Good luck with all your resolutions!

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      1. I’m a perfectionist so I can’t handle inconsistency, which is probably why I’m so hesitant when it comes to designing stuff on my own. I hate knowing that I’m terrible with it. 😂

        I don’t use a bullet journal. I’m using an undated weekly planner with a minimalist layout and extra blank pages. It’s perfect for me because the layout is clean and consistent, but it’s still, in a way, customizable. I’ve already put designs on the blank pages and used them as trackers for my goals and resolutions. So basically, I still get to be a little bit creative with it. But I also don’t feel any pressure to be extremely artistic. If that makes sense.


  5. LOVE this post Cam!! It wasn’t what I expected from the title and I LOVE that about it… I do watch the movie before the book and sometimes just never get to the book, lol. And I’m a lightweight when it comes to buying books #oops But I really LOVE the craft idea!! I’m terrible with my hands but its just so much fun… therapeutic is a great word for it!


      1. Right now I’ve just been keeping a list of books I’ve read with my fave quote from that book so I’m trying to think of a way to expand that into an actual journal, if i figure something out you’ll know cause I’ll definitely make a post about it and thank you in it


  6. all of these are such fantastic ideas! ❤

    honestly wow i feel so much stress about reading books because UM THERE ARE SO MANY TO READ AND I HAVE NO TIME AND ALSO I PROCRASTINATE *hides behind a chair, productively*

    My goodreads tbr is so huge, it's over 1k books and i need to cut it down??? but i literally add so many books to that shelf "just so i can remember them" it's not good fren

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh man, I totally relate to that! *coaxes you out from behind chair with cake* I wish I could read ALL of the books but time and money is not plenty, Ah yes, I cut down my Goodreads tbr recently, funnily enough I didn’t recognize many of the older books I added haha

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m working on cutting down my TBR pile on Goodreads. It was over 3,000 books and there was so much on there that I’m just not interested in anymore (most of it I added over 7 years ago!!) So far it feels pretty good to pare it down, and I’m down to about 1,250. Bonus, I’m stumbling across things I added 5+ years ago that I DO still want to read, but totally forgot about!

    I also like the resolution about giving away books you don’t read. I have a really time with hoarding books (It’s not hoarding if it’s books!!) so going through my shelves and getting rid of some of the stuff I know I won’t likely read again is a good idea. I read a LOT of romance novels, and I’ve been loaning them to my mom when I’m finished, and let her know if I want a particular one back, but otherwise I just let her keep them (which she then donates them, but if I don’t have to do the donating myself it’s like I didn’t! … Does that make sense? haha)


  8. I can’t agree more on donating books I didn’t like. I’m very particular when it comes to my bookshelf, I prefer to have physical copies on my shelf of only those books that I liked and loved…nothing else. I either try to give it to a library or pass it down to my cousins or friends. It’s fun because I can pick up absolutely anything from it and know would enjoy it 😀

    Wow, the artsy idea is super cool though I don’t know if I can be consistent in terms of it. Would love to try it out sometime, thank you for the idea, Cam! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so sweet of you! Many of my childhood were donated but I haven’t given any away recently since I want my sister to read the books first

      I do hope you give it a try! It’s quite fun & you don’t have to be consistent with it, maybe whenever you need a spark on inspiration! Good luck 😀

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