Cam’s Bookish Tales || BLOGGING BLUES (aka my depression) + 6 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR BLOG ALIVE

This comes more from my experience with depression than anything else. Blogging burnout and reading slumps, what? I’ll admit it’s hard for me to distinguish whether it’s a burnout, a slump, or just depression. All I know is that I’ve lost my creativity and my concentration has gone haywire. What makes it even worse is this constant nagging about my blogging deadlines and my dwindling stats.

The past few weeks I’ve had my depression raising its ugly head at me, and when that happens most of my energy goes into trying to take care of myself. It might read as a simply thing but it really isn’t. Truthfully, I end up feeling a bit guilty for leaving my blog without notice. In the end, I have to accept that this is a part of my life and rather than feeling bad about it, I should learn how to effectively manage it.

Now when it comes to blogging, here are six things I’ve learned.

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You know I was going to say this! But we’re bloggers and procrastination is probably the only adrenaline rush we get. Moving on…

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Be like the cookie monster.

While you can’t predict when the little black dog will come sniffing at your door, you can always keep yourself prepared. If you’re really worried about your blog stats, then set aside some time every two weeks or at the beginning of each month to plan your posts. You can then either have an outline ready or else have a draft done and ready to upload whenever.


Sign up for a few blog tours, not necessarily reviews but promotions or excerpt reveals for your blog. Usually blog tours hosts will provide you with the resource materials so you’ll only have to set them up. Trust me on this! It has worked for me. Just ensure that you PLAN so as not to have one blog tour after another.

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If you still need to write a discussion, then keep your posts short. You can also choose to have only one post that week. No one’s going to judge you! The book blogging community is one of the most judgement free zone I’ve ever experienced on the internet.

It might go against your own blogging ethics but would you compromise what you’ve built so far just for the sake of frequency?

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Just think of your blog as an empire you’ve painstakingly built and your blog posts as the foundation.


If you have people following you on Twitter then make a short announcement. You don’t need to explain the entire situation or apologize, I mean, a simple message to alert your followers you won’t be posting should be more than enough, right?

If your blog = empire. Then Twitter = royal messenger.

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You is king

Personally, using Twitter as a platform to fall back on is a good choice. You can still remain in touch with your followers. For example, you can post little quotes from your current read or your thoughts without the obligation of a blog post. You can be concise and to the point there.


It might seem like a chore but trust me, having even a badly written outline will benefit you a lot in the long run. You can simply improve upon it and voila! You have a new post ready to go! It’s better to have a back up of  already written posts in case of emergencies.

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Be Bruce.

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At the end of the day, your mental health should be top priority. Blogging is your outlet; it should make you feel happy and inspired, not worn out and hating your work. I personally would advice keeping a journal or penning down random thoughts. Not only will you develop a running habit for writing but you’ll find that many of these random thoughts can be developed into blog posts.

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How does your experience with a mental illness affect your blogging? How do you handle your blogging burnout? What strategies do you follow?

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10 thoughts on “Cam’s Bookish Tales || BLOGGING BLUES (aka my depression) + 6 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR BLOG ALIVE

  1. When it comes to me and blogging, preparation is key. I try to have my information up to date for the weekly posts I do – Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday. Waiting on Wednesday is all about maintaining a list with the new releases that are coming our way and, according to that, I just create a bunch of posts in advance. As for TTT, I write down the weekly topics in a notebook and then figure out ten books / characters / whatever whenever I have some inspiration to do so. As soon as I have the complete ten, I schedule the actual post-creating and immediately schedule it on my blog to be published as well. It saves me a toooon of time.

    Also, when I get tagged, I started copy/pasting the link to the tag in a draft. Whenever I feel like it or have time, I start doing the tag. That way I always have some post up my sleeve if I failed to meet a deadline.

    [And this reminded me that I have yet to create my 2018 releases-list.. Oops, haha.]

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I completely understand how you feel, I have dealt with depression in the past…and it’s more important our own health than anything else….As for your tips…I use most of them specially the one where I take advantage of my high energy and inspiration days….that’s why the schedule is my friend….


  3. I have depression too, so I can relate. Scheduling posts is the only thing that keeps my blog alive. When I feel good, I binge blog and schedule ahead. I also try not to stress too much about blogging. It’s a hobby. Other things have to come first. Great post!


  4. These are great tips! I always write outlines of posts I’m interested in posting in the future, which makes getting posts done easy when I’m having a bad day/week. I hope you’re feeling better!


  5. I love your tips here, thank you so much for sharing! ❤ You're so right, our mental health should be a priority at all times. It's hard sometimes, not to feel guilty about not blogging, I know I do all the time. Planning things out, trying to take it slow and, most importantly, not try and beat myself up too much, are the best advice to give out. it's good to take days when we're feeling motivated, to write and draft some blog posts, reviews or something, focus all that energy on something 🙂
    Great post! ❤


  6. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with depression and I hope that things improve for you soon. I think a lot of us go through this and you’re really not alone. You are definitely right about planning- I find that when I get into a slump, having something planned in advance really helps with that. Otherwise I end up not doing anything. But I think deciding to just take it slow is even more important- it’s just worth making that conscious decision, rather than feeling bad about it, cos we all need breaks. I so agree that it’s just worth taking it slow and yes to posting on twitter to let people know. This was such a fantastic post- and I feel like you turned something negative into a positive!

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  7. I’m a huge advocate of scheduling in advance. I’ve gone weeks without writing anything and no one’s noticed because I still have posts going up. It’s like magic! And really comforting to know that I can quietly step back now and then when I need to, without totally stopping the blog.

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