Cam’s Bookish Tales || WHY I STILL WRITE REVIEWS

I used to think that the sole purpose of a book blog was for reviews.

As I navigated through these foreign lands, I understood that there where no rules when it comes to be being a book blog: if it’s about books, write. If it’s not, then relate to books.

Well, it was a very pleasant when I found that as a book blogger, I could call myself The Biblio Khaleesi and no one would fight me for it.

Needless to say, book bloggers work best without any rules in place.

But I digress. I’m here to talk about reviews or the seemingly minority of bloggers who write reviews. Out of all the posts I’ve written to date, book reviews ALWAYS get the least likes and comments! My blog is a graveyard on the days I post reviews. So like any person who enjoy bullet journaling, I made a list of why I think reviews get the least amount of exposure.

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If the cover is pretty enough for a dress, we buy it.

If we’re die hard fans of the author, we buy every single edition available.

If we see the book everywhere on social media, we buy it.

It’s faulty reflex of ours, one that I often regret. For people who spend hours burying our noses in pages, you’d think we’d actually do our research on futures books! There are already short reviews on the book covers, so why even do our research?

I don’t trust trust those reviews printed on the book covers. It’s obvious that those are simply marketing strategies! But alas, bookworms love surprises (unless they’re bad ones).


I’m guilty of this. Many of the reviews on here don’t warn readers on whether their review contains spoilers or not. So we’re basically, walking on eggshells when reading reviews which is very unlike a typical bookworm.


 It’s obvious how reliant we’ve become on Goodreads. It’s 500+ reviews simplified into a single number. Goodreads also has hundreds to thousand of reviews collected in a single place, and most of them aren’t as lengthy as blog review would be!

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So, knowing that reviews don’t increase my blogs statistics in any way, why do I continue to write them?


I’m not sure why you would think otherwise. I enjoy splicing characters and scenes,  stating what my views on them are or what my predictions are. Many find reviews to be tedious work which I get because how many times can I call a character complex without sounding repetitive?

While some may find that an obstacle, I think it’s challenging to understand what it is about this particular book that I love it enough to recommend to other people?


I’m terrible with bookstagram as I prefer having my thoughts written out. This goes for both positive and negative reviews. It shows publishers that you’re honest with the books they send you out which is something very important for authors. I mean, if you don’t write on where a book “failed”, how are writers going to evolve their craft?


I don’t have the luxury to invest in new books every month. Either the books are ARCs or I simply borrow them. Writing a review, and promoting a book I enjoy on Instagram are one of the few ways I can support an author. While all of my reviews may not be read by the author, I’m confident that one will find its way.

But even if it doesn’t, if my review can get at least one person to pick up the book, then I’m happy with that.

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What’s your take on reviews? Do you enjoy writing them? Do you actually read reviews that bloggers post or only select ones?

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9 thoughts on “Cam’s Bookish Tales || WHY I STILL WRITE REVIEWS

  1. I honestly post reviews OFTEN. I simply don’t mind my stats that much and I love writing them.
    Why? I want to share the books I read, good or bad, give my opinion on them. Sometimes writing a review even helps me actually finding out how I feel about it. [Books can be a pain to form an opinion about, at least sometimes, and when you HAVE to write down how you feel, you discover how you actually feel?] I don’t even know if this makes sense.

    I do read reviews on other blogs, but it depends. If it’s a book on my TBR, I’m likely to skim the review and maybe see if it can convince me to pick it up sooner rather than later. If I already read a book, I’ll definitely check out the review [if I haven’t read ten about it already] to see whether I agree or not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with this so much! Forming your opinion past an incoherent sentence is so hard for my favourites! I wish I could fill a page with gifs and call it a review! But yeah, I enjoy reviews because I feel it makes me think more critically and not just with books, you know?

      I read reviews based on whether the blurb and cover intrigue me enough. Sometimes I search reviews for a book I want to start but generally tend to skim because I’m wary of stumbling on spoilers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup! Indeed! *Just let me squeeze in all the most beautiful pictures of gifts and let that be my review*
        Fact is that it would be a pretty original review?
        From now on: Reviews in pictures. :’D

        Yup, same! Also, sometimes if the post itself has an interesting / funny title, I might be a tad more tempted to see what it’s about, but not as much. Depends on how I’m feeling too, haha.


  2. I mostly do reviews for enjoyment. When I was in school I loved picking stories apart and analyzing them, and now I can do it with works I’m not assigned. I also want to support the authors, because I hope someone would be kind enough to do the same for me one day!
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oh yes, I get what you mean about the fear of spoilers, cos sometimes when I try to read reviews for books I plan to read, people are careless with spoilers and I’m just fuming after. I still read reviews by people who don’t do that, but I can get nervous sometimes. But I agree that book reviews are still fun and I love to write them! 😀


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