Cam’s Bookish Tales || 10 Thoughts I Have While Reading Fantasy

10 Thought While Reading Fantasy

Heeeeeey guys, I love fantasy books. I mean, who doesn’t? Probably a million other people but this isn’t about them, this about me and my fellow fantasy loving readers. It was only last year that I got introduced to the genre ~properly~ (kudos to Mister for that) and since then I’ve binged read every fantasy book I came across. My inbox is a mess of newsletters from fantasy book blogs to indie authors to bookbub and all the goodness which leaves my TBR screaming for mercy. And my goodness, do I love the sweet sound of it.

So before my TBR decides to smite me, let me share the thoughts I have while reading fantasy books.


1. This is cover is so pretty, but why aren’t the characters on it?

Enough with weapons, and creatures, and fancy text on the cover. I want to see the characters I love gracing the book covers. I know the hero is described with amethyst eyes but what shade? And maybe the girl is described as tall, but how tall are we talking here?! Then they introduce creatures like elves or ogiers, and I’m just like, there are a lot of art on them out there but I want to see exactly how the author sees their characters, you know?

2. Did someone say food?

I swear I’m like a cat baited with catnip when a character enters a tavern or sits at the table for a meal. And then I get disappointed because half of the books have the characters eat bread with stew. Not that I have anything against bread. (I’m Filipino & we love our pastries.)

Image result for anime gif bread

Either that or they’re roasting rabbits or deer but, but, but…a fantasy culture isn’t complete without its own special flavor. Even just one hint would be very nice. Perhaps said culture likes to have lotus roots in their stew. Or maybe rats are considered a delicacy. Or maybe they don’t even know what coffee is! So many possibilities to get us readers peckish.


Oh, I just love books that come with maps. Especially colored ones. I love tracing the journey, seeing the different terrains, and wondering how these characters don’t ever invent something more than horse-drawn carts. That aside, if I see a map in a book, I just know I’m going to be taken across various fantasy lands to be introduced to diverse cultures!

Image result for anime gif planning

If I were a fantasy character, I’d start my own dragon taxi business. If people don’t pay, they get eaten. Simple.

4. How do I pronounce this name?

This is how I greet every single character I come across in the book. Can you imagine the embarrassment when you meet the author and mispronounce their character’s name, all the while gushing about how much your love said character? Oh sweet earth, take me already.

Image result for anime gif confused

P.S. Don’t take the glossary for granted.

5. Soooo how was this world created?

Don’t get cocky with me by saying the author wrote it. What are the people’s beliefs in their world? What stories do they tell their children? It’s interesting to know the sub-culture that is created within fantasy worlds.

6. Curse Words

Because you can’t have a sailor’s mouth until you’re well versed in fantasy swear words as well.

Image result for anime gif angry

7. Is this character based on a historical person?

I have no reason other than I just love history. Are certain events from the book inspired by real ones? I love knowing about the research that goes into a book, especially when these books have created their own languages!

8. Why don’t fantasy books have pictures?

How will I know the architecture? What about their fashion? How do I copy their hairstyles? I think, fantasy books without a few pictures is a disservice to us readers.

Image result for anime gif dramatic

9. Hmmm…perhaps this time the hero will embrace the darkness.

Yes, I do actually think that. Wouldn’t that just be the greatest plot twist. All those emotions invested in rooting for a character suddenly ground to dust when we read about them joining the “evil side”.  Someone ought to write that already.

10. Found a favorite character! …Oh my gosh, they’re going to die, aren’t they?

There is no safety when it comes to fantasy books. Everyone is a target. So save your heart; lock it in a safe before you pick up a fantasy book.

Image result for anime gif dramatic

Guess who’s going to Comic Con?!

This is me. Every year. Every time I finish a fantasy book.

But I’ve never been to Comic Con. I have so many characters in my head that I was to dress up as but, alas! Bookworm Bucket List #1: Go to comic con.


While I do feel this list is a little incomplete and I probably haven’t listed all the things I love and need in fantasy books, I’m going to stop at ten and leave the rest of it to you!

What are your thoughts when you read a fantasy book?

What’s the one thing about a fantasy land that you feel you MUST know about?

Also, if you were to dress up as a character from a fantasy book, who would it be?

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13 thoughts on “Cam’s Bookish Tales || 10 Thoughts I Have While Reading Fantasy

  1. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    Love this post! Very recognizable, really. Except for the history-part. I really don’t like history, but that’s simply because I’m the worst at cramming facts which caused an instant dislike for the subject..

    What’s the one thing about a fantasy land that you feel you MUST know about?
    -> How the whole world looks. Really, I’d like a freaking globe for every fantasy world out there. Just to spin it around, look at it and see where the characters are at that moment. Whether there’s a forest or mountains or a lake / sea nearby. Those are just things that would make me lose myself even more in the books.
    Or maybe we need scented pages. Like, they’re in a forest and suddenly you can actually smell it?!
    [This is so not what you meant but it would be awesome, no?]

    Also, if you were to dress up as a character from a fantasy book, who would it be?
    -> I honestly have no idea. Even though I have a dislike for history, when it comes to cosplay I’d like to have one of those poof-dresses from centuries back that weigh more than I weigh myself. I’m no girlie-girl, but it seems awesome to be able to walk around like that for a day. Wishful thinking though, because those things are expensive and I’m no good with a needle so making one myself is a big no-no. [It wouldn’t look decent at all anyway, ha!]


    • camilleareads says:

      OH MY GOSH! That’s an amazing idea! A globe to show us the entire layout with scented pages *heart eyes* you should work in the publishing industry!
      And they would be terribly hot! I’d love to give it a try but I think I might pass out from a heat stroke or something hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

        Hahaha! It would be awesome wouldn’t it?
        On the other hand.. I don’t even want to know how much they’d charge for an awesome globe like that.. Ugh. [Okay, let’s ignore the little fact that I’d probably buy one anyway, but hey.]

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Shanah - Bionic Book Worm says:

    I think of that stuff so often! Especially the weapons on the cover. Why? Why is this a must? And the food!! I’ve read a few books that went into detail about the food (more than stew and bread) and it was amazing because it was different and detailed!


  3. Markante Korenwolf says:

    If you want fantasy that ties in with real history, I’d recommend Temeraire. It’s dragons during Napoleon’s time, it should be ridiculous but it really isn’t.
    A thing I look for in fantasy books: I think that for a while there was this huge hate towards books that spend too much time describing clothes, but I personally love that. It’s nice to know what the hero is wearing so I don’t have to imagine them in generic adventure game outfit and if there’s different cultures, I really want to know everything about those cultures, including fashion.
    There are no words to describe how much I want to go to a convention as either Mat Cauthon (Wheel of Time) or just in a mistcloak (Mistborn series), oh if only I knew how to sew and had the confidence to go in cosplay.


    • camilleareads says:

      Nine novels! And I haven’t even finish WoT yet haha I added the book to my Goodreads because it is so quirky – an air force of dragons, really?? – and the UK paperback covers are very pretty! Oh, oh, I really enjoy reading about the different fashions, especially showing how characters react to them. It really shows how the society is. Mat for me as well! My other two would be Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist, and Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service 😀


      • Markante Korenwolf says:

        I still need to watch kiki’s delivery service, maybe I need to not rewatch FMA once and watch a new anime instead
        I love long series, the more Pages in the book and the more books in the series the more I want to read them

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    I have SO many of these thoughts too. Particularly love our taxi-dragon business…like just having a dragon around is so good though, right?? They can eat all the annoying people. :’) THERE’S NO DOWNSIDE.

    I also always always want maps and pictures in my fantasy books. AND GOOD FANTASY FOOD. I love when they build the culture around food! And then I always want a cookbook…😂


    • camilleareads says:

      Hahaha but first we got to find the dragons! I’m not sure how obedient they’d be though hahaha…
      If you could have a cookbook from one fantasy book world, which would it be?
      (haha did I just make your life harder?)


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