Introductory Post

Hello there, reader

Online I’m known as Camillea. A small time poet with a passion for reading, and spicy food.

Firstly, welcome to my newly created blog, Camillea Reads!

As a reader, I’ve enjoy exploring various genres like poetry, historical fiction, drama, science fiction, romance, fantasy, and drama. I love books with a strange air of mystery, complicated characters, and plots that make me feel like I’ve fallen in love. Because of my love for books I’ve wanted to the community of writers who have enriched my imagination.

The goal of my blog is to help indie books gain attention and also perhaps a fan base.  Along with contemporary books, I will also be reviewing much older books so don’t be surprised if you read a review for a book published in the 1980’s. I believe that as readers we should reintroduce ourselves vintage writing. It adds a different flavor to our reading experience.

This blog will also feature guest posts for books reviews, interviews of indie writers (if they are willing), writing tips, and personal posts from the blogger. Part of the personal posts may include the little journey I’ve been taking for my mental well-being. If people are curious, there will be more on that in a separate post

Please note, that reviews I do will be featured on this blog as well as on the book’s Amazon and Goodreads page. I accept e-books if sending a physical copy is not optional.

Refer to my contact page and review policy for more details. Book recommendations are very much welcome!

I hope you will stick around to help me nurture and grow this blog. Until next time,





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